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Divorce is a difficult and emotional process. The right support can make a big difference to the outcome and how you feel once it’s over. We start with a low-stress, fixed fee structure so the focus is always on helping you.

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Divorce and Family Court is a very different type of court. The issues are not whether you’re guilty or innocent or if you have to pay or receive money. The issues revolve around your children and everything you’ve worked towards in life, and are far more important.


Your case is unique. Tell us about your situation and we can discuss the options and find the best path to your desired outcome.


We make active attorney & client communication our number one priority throughout the legal process.


Through listening and great communication we'll develop a strategy to help you secure your desired outcome.

Common Divorce Questions

How do I File for Divorce in WI?

To begin the process of filing for a divorce in Wisconsin, you can complete the necessary forms online at wicourts.com or you can work with a lawyer who can file on your behalf.


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Family law covers a wide range of domestic issues including divorce, child custody, property division, alimony, and more...

Child Custody

Child Support

Property Division

Spousal Support

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